Wk 1. Welcome, Settling In, Finding Your Way Around


The First Seven Weeks Indoor Maps App has now been discontinued.
For more information on The First Seven Weeks programme, please visit the First 7 Weeks facebook page.

The theme of this week is aimed at helping students to settle in, get their bearings, get comfortable with their surroundings and from the very start set up good habits that will stand to them in the longer term.

Supports, events and messages will include the following :


On campus messages of welcome and communication in physical and online formats and using electronic notice boards throughout the campus.

First Seven Weeks Blog

Initiation of the first seven weeks blog for daily messages of support and information to new students. The First 7 Weeks Android App includes access to all the important weekly information.


Opportunity to meet and talk with members of the UL community, students and staff.

Library Peer Support Scheme

Dissemination of information and awareness raising of the library peer support scheme.

Information Technology Division (ITD)

ITD resources and training room locations for assisting students with the registration process.


Enhanced focus on information/maps/interactive online directions/signage for assisting students to find their way around the campus. The First 7 Weeks Android App includes indoor maps of the undergraduate buildings to help you find your way around.

University Guides

The presence of university guides (drawn from the pool of trained orientation guides), to provide extra help to students, directing them to different parts of the campus, answering their queries and showing them around.